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Helping you parent through Autism.

With the world at a halt, normal everyday tasks have become challenging, particularly for parents. Juggling work, parenting and homeschooling can be especially difficult for families with autism. While parents are trying to promote their child’s learning and emotional health, they’re doing so without the support or structure of a regular school day, while managing their own stress from the situation. 

For children on ASD, the everyday disruptions and uncertainty is remarkably stressful. The routines, schedules, and predictability that these children once thrived on changed overnight. Certain professional supports may not be an option right now, so families are facing extraordinary challenges.

With our Introduction to Autism course, we hope to relieve some of that stress by sharing several intervention approaches to support individuals experiencing these challenges. Learn to recognize sources of anxiety, the impact it as, and the intervention options to help soothe your child. Understand the common learning styles and cognitive differences of Autism Spectrum Disorder and create a more effective learning environment. 

You’ll receive a certificate for completing the course and a deeper understanding of your child on ASD.

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